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Our New Cookbook…Coming in August

“A Year of Brunches” – 52 Weeks of Brunch Recipes to Explore

Brunch has become a weekend tradition for so many.  The tradition typically means heading to your favorite brunch restaurant or perhaps trying a new one that came as a recommendation – but this book helps home cooks like you create favorite restaurant dishes in the comfort of home and at a fraction of the price.

Our anticipated publish date for this book is August 2020.  It will be available on all platforms for eBooks and in hard cover editions.

Some resturants feature large buffet style brunches while others are simply a few menu items added to the regular menu.  I have been hosting brunch- themed cooking events for the last several years which is an enjoyable change of pace for the attendees and based on feedback from attendees, they enjoy trying something new! I think that brunch is so common due one central concept, Mimosa and Bloody Mary cocktails.

How did this book come about? My wife and I were religious about going out to Sunday brunch.  One Sunday morning my wife suggested that we stay in and cook it ourselves while we also made our own versions of Mimosas.  We had a great time and decided to do it again the following Sunday. Then we decided why not every Sunday for a year.  The result is fifty-two different recipes and the background behind each to share.  I hope you enjoy them as much as we have over the last many weeks.

This book is organized into fifty-two chapters (weeks) as an easy way for you to try a new recipe each week.  Each week features a new main brunch entrée recipe and, sides where appropriate and background.  Some weeks cocktails are discussed as well, since that is an integral part of a brunch (at least for me!). There is no order to follow and I urge you to go with the recipes that speak to you at that moment and for those which you have the ingredients handy. You could choose to make Week Eight your first brunch or even start at Fifty-Two – but know that there are weeks focused on a holiday such as St. Patrick’s Day, Hanukah, Thanksgiving or Christmas.  There are some recipes that are similar but there are no repeats.

 The book tries to avoid using any special equipment or tools that are not typically in the average kitchen. One exception I do need to note on the equipment, is an egg poacher.  It is not required but will sure make your life easier and will improve your results.  I also try to keep the ingredients simple and fresh. There are some spices used that you may not find in your pantry, but they are always optional.  One exception I do need to note on the equipment, is an egg poacher.  It is not required but will sure make your life easier and results improved.

We hope you enjoy the food and cocktails.  But just as importantly the thinking that went into each week’s effort.