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At The Chef’s Hat, we believe that all you need to enjoy one of our cooking events is a desire to learn and to laugh. We offer classes on all types of cuisines, for cooks of all skill levels. Even if you’ve never done anything more ambitious than tear the plastic off a prepared dinner and slide it into the microwave, we’re sure you’ll have a great time at our themed cooking events.

Our events range from 2-hour quick classes where you’ll have a chance to prepare (and eat) just a few recipes, to full-day explorations of a cuisine, technique, or type of cooking, during which you’ll prepare multiple recipes, or even a full meal. Whichever class you choose, the fun is built in.

This is culinary entertainment. This is The Chef’s Hat.

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    Brunch has become a weekend tradition for so many.  The tradition typically means heading to your favorite brunch restaurant or perhaps trying a new one that came as a recommendation – but this book helps home cooks like you create favorite restaurant dishes in the comfort of home and at a fraction of the price. Our anticipated publish date for this book is August 2020.  It will be available on all platforms for eBooks and in hard cover editions.